COMPASS TROUBLE AGAIN - Sazmanab Centre for Contemporary Art - Teheran FEB-APR 2015

NOTE: COMPASS TROUBLE AGAIN soundtrack (part 1 of 2), previously distributed hand-to-hand in Teheran, now available online courtesy of A Colourful Storm.

"The Way of The Novel" - The Oracle - Berlin, until JUN 20 2015 (IMAGES ONLINE NOW)

"Tea Garden" - project with Edition Taube and Independent Collectors - Basel, June 18 2015


"Der Spiegel" - M J - Geneva, until JUL 30 2015


"Amateur Monastic" (w/ Jack Self) - TG - London, vernissage JUL 3 2015

NOTE:NOTE: (Music by Belltowers) Der SpiegelDer Spiegel MJ Geneva Compass Trouble AgainCompass Trouble Again Sazmanab Centre Teheran Chateau PlaisChateau Plais The Duck Berlin Abstract JournalismAbstract Journalism 032c Workshop Berlin Acaponeta 1891Acaponeta 1891 Curro & Poncho Guadalajara Canary ComfortableCanary Comfortable Die Diele ZĂĽrich Asiatische AdlernaseAsiatische Adlernase Conradi Hamburg Mimetic ClubMimetic Club Residency Melbourne Primavera/Vista VerticalsPrimavera/Vista Verticals MCA Sydney Lost In ConnotationLost In Connotation Conradi Hamburg