Interview with Ricardo Bofill

Three new publications - Inversion, Neo Lad, Theory of the Bench - viewable online in their entirety

Unsere Umwelt underground gallery, Basel, images now online


"Truth Bistro" Kai Matsumiya New York
JAN 19 - FEB 24
Group show curated by Gabriel Lima, with works by Craig Kalpakjian, Pirata, Pablo Accinelli, Thomas Jeppe, Viola Yesiltac, Blake Rayne

"Umwelt Inversion" Conradi Hamburg
Group show curated by Thomas Jeppe, with works by Martine Syms, Richard Frater, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Anna Franceschini, Marina Pinsky, James Vinciguerra

"Gypset Purgatory" Trikot - Basel

"Neo Lad" Futura Centre for Contemporary Art - Prague

Neo LadNeo Lad Viewable online - see Publications