Abstract Journalism
032c Workshop
Berlin Germany
APR 4 - MAY 2 2014

Exhibition held at 032c Workshop, Berlin, showcasing a selection of publications from the last 8 years, a Tudor Minimal framework installation, and the Renegade Knowledge Exchange picture series. This material was collected in order to present the background and process behind Abstract Journalism: a working methodology characterised by earnest research and wilful divergence, structured by the belief that allegory and digression are the most effective modes for communicating cultural situations.

The images below, including social photographs from the exhibition vernissage, go some way towards describing the broad cross-section of people tangentially concerned with this nascent theoretical position, and further, highlight the way in which a critical statement can be developed into a social catalyst. In the interests of providing "the full picture", the exhibited installation can be viewed in the background of some of these images.