at Curro & Poncho
Guadalajara Mexico

Nada Vista series, depicting legs of characters from Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic books; Treason in Verso series, with painted titles from the poetry books of Acaponeta-born poet Ali Chumacero, and their English translation on the reverse, impaled on cacti in graphic pots; Red Monday/Orange Tuesday/Yellow Wednesday/Green Thursday/Blue Friday/Indigo Saturday/Violet Sunday, a commissioned series of "one-day" tapestries, the length being a direct index of a day's work, presented on un-reclineable deckchair frames.

The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of ACAPONETA 1891 and The Seventh Voyage "A Mexican Odyssey" (Bootleg), mimicking the comic book format, the former featuring reference images, exhibition installation views, and an essay by John Beeson; the latter being a bootleg reprint of the eponymous Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers issue, where the protagonists travel to Mexico for sex, drugs, and party, but instead, facing the unfamiliar, get arrested, ripped off, assaulted: an emphatic anti-cultural imperialist message - "the world is not your playground".