Compass Trouble Again
Sazmanab Centre for Contemporary Art
Teheran, Iran

NOTE: Iran refuses to recognise copyright law, and this exhibition was produced to reflect these conditions.

Publication produced by Manuel B├╝rger on location in Teheran on the occasion of the exhibition, including an essay expounding some thoughts on the methodology of Abstract Journalism by Lucy Van, viewable online here.

Commissioned (bootleg) English-to-Farsi translation of The Palm-wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola, an African Magical Realism novel from the 1950s. Available for purchase through Sazmanab

Two commissioned music compositions distributed to gallery visitors:
KWC 92 (Stockholm) IRAN, to be released on L.I.E.S. in late 2015, with record artwork from this exhibition.

DJ Biscuit (Biarritz) Gate Sequencer, available for download courtesy of A Colourful Storm.

Compass Trouble Again as thematic followup to Compass
(held Guadalajara Mexico in May 2014).



Iran Edition "Introducing Chaos"
Mimetic Club Bulletin issue #7: Iran Edition "Introducing Chaos"




Introducing Chaos
Cacaxtla Mediation: Introducing Chaos









Staircase detail
Introducing Chaos: Staircase detail


Farsi Version
The Palm-wine Drinkard: Farsi Version




(Special Ed: Local Production Typo)
(B)KWC 92 - IRAN: (Special Ed: Local Production Typo)