Der Spiegel
Geneva Switzerland

A series of paintings about sensory negation, amplification, and superstructures; three compositions regarding zen objects, anonymity, and marketing as cross-cultural diplomacy; an Iranian issue of a newsletter discussing issues to do with dancing; an article proposed to Der Spiegel magazine which may or may not get published; and local supports.

Mimetic Club Bulletin issue #7 made available for free to all visitors; Mimetic Club Bulletin issue #8, a treatise on negotiation, abandoned research, and physical longing in (and of) the marketplace, displayed on glass between rows of pictures, to be read 'in situ'.


Der Spiegel install view 

Kimono Diplomacy G 

Darkroom (Stoned Again) Y 

Der Spiegel install view 

Kimono Diplomacy B 

Darkroom (Stoned Again) YG 

Der Spiegel install view 

Der Spiegel install view 

"The Mirror" parts A/B/C
Mimetic Club Bulletin issue #8: "The Mirror" parts A/B/C

Kimono Diplomacy R 

Darkroom (Stoned Again) G 

Iran Edition "Introducing Chaos"
Mimetic Club Bulletin issue #7: Iran Edition "Introducing Chaos"