Disobedient Bodies:
J.W. Anderson Curates The Hepworth

Written and Interviewed by Thomas Jeppe
Filmed and Edited by Angelo Dominic Sesto

The film with accompanying introductory text here
Subtitled in French here
Subtitled in Japanese here

This project was the result of an invitation by 032c, a German arts/culture magazine, who produce content for the online fashion retailer Ssense to expand ideas around the products they sell.

The film presents an interview with the fashion designer J.W. Anderson on and around Disobedient Bodies, an exhibition he curated at The Hepworth Wakefield to plot various representations of the body in art and fashion over the last century. The exhibition is as much a lyrical exploration of form as it is a commercial showroom: each section of the show features new or recent garments from the JW Anderson and Loewe collections, juxtaposed against iconic fashion pieces and artworks within the framework of the museum.

The film invariably follows the structure set by the exhibition - where one man stands at the centre of an array of pristine and valuable objects, the mastermind of their combination.

*This project should be considered in direct relation to the concurrent exhibition Umwelt Mode, a look at the history and potential of vernacular fashion through a refracted and collaborative lens.