Mimetic Club
524 Flinders St
Melbourne Australia
NOV 20 - 23 2014

Temporary Nightclub produced in conjunction with Residency Melbourne.

Here, a performance equally prescribed and uncontrived: sculpture as setting for social interaction, club behaviour a dominant logic where object evaporates.

Whereas a gallery always hosts, the club belongs to its guests.

6-part Mimetic Club Bulletin (Volume 6: A-F) released on dance platform/benches, following the form established in previous Bulletins, a discussion of club situations through allegory and cross-reference, in this case interview excerpts from Benchmaster Dialogues from Theory of the Bench.

Watermelons suspended within Social Structure pergolas subsequently prepared and offered to patrons during club hours.

Suspended "4x4" images inverted for Club staff t-shirt logos.

"there was no thought - we just wanted to breathe"