Les Bons Sentiments
19th Prix Ricard
cur. Anne-Claire Schmitz
Fondation Enterprise Ricard
SEP 4 - NOV 10 2017

Three sculptures modelled on selected windows of the Jardin du Palais Royal, presenting texts regarding the discovery of the larynx; Parisian club culture foundations; the digital reconstruction of lost vocals; and a raging dissection of a multi-faceted capitalist subjectivity.

These texts printed under glass make up Mimetic Club Bulletin issue #13*. This three-page issue offers various perspectives on the body-as-mechanism, both physiologically and systematically. They also form something like a "map" of Paris.

The Young Nomads record, composed by Philippe Hallais (a.k.a. Low Jack), takes a letter written by Gilles Ch√Ętelet to misguided youths, spoken by Bonnie Banane, and manipulated with a software developed by Centre Pompidou's IRCAM sound research institute to emulate the voice of a castrato. The vinyl dub plate exists as a unique copy and can only be heard in the context of the exhibition.

The record is proposed as a revival of the lost voice of Gilles Ch√Ętelet. This resurrection takes place through a framework of contemporary Parisian club culture, and a historical mechanics of impotence.

*see full MCB #13 texts here






Mechanism (Vocal Method) 

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Young Nomads dubplate 

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