Utopian Slumps
Melbourne Australia

Social Realism painting of Canary Islands shop signage; Seaside Vernacular painting of Canary Islands exhibition invitation; Postbox sculpture series with wall painting; Belgian Skylight and Belgian Skylight Inversion series, presented on cardboard box sculptures made of metal and plastic; Ghost of Shipping Container installation, clear plastic built to the dimensions of a standard shipping container, functioning as a Collector's Lounge for the duration of the exhibition. Smoking permitted in the Collector's Lounge.

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of Don Carlos, an interview with Don Carlos Ashida, Mexico's biggest seashell collector, illustrated with photographs of his shell collection and his family art collection. Designed by Harsh Patel at Black & White, published by Surpllus.

An essay regarding the research methodology behind the exhibition was published in Un Magazine.