Thread-stitched, 190mm x 115mm
52 pages, full-colour digital print
Gold embossed faux-leather cover
Published by Edition Taube


Asiatische Adlernase was released as an appendix to the exhibition Asiatische Adlernase at Galerie Conradi, Hamburg Germany, in 2012. The book presents the exhibition's catalyst: an extensive discussion between Thomas Jeppe, artist Thomas Baldischwyler, and Florian Baron, a former gallery director who left the art world in search of objective value, finding it in Taiwanese tea, and his unsuccessful attempts to create a tea business in Germany - to institute a cultural ritual where there is not one. In searching the reasons for this impasse, the great cliché of East/West cultural divide reasserts its presence. Though problematic, this divide becomes valuable as a marker of anti-globalism.

Prompted by this discussion, and informed by the themes of master culture, vernacular rituals, and the difficulties of cultural transposition, Jeppe travelled to Taiwan in 2012 to conduct his own research on tea and its surrounding context. Photographs from this investigation illustrate the book.