Collected archive of Umwelt PR and preceding Umwelt projects

Baby Creysi
presented by Umwelt PR
with David Douard, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Melanie Matranga, François Curlet, Philipp Timischl, Anna Solal, Max Brand, Dora Budor, and Christophe de Rohan Chabot, with a runway presentation by Antonio Castro, and bathroom guest project by No Conformism
Salon de Normandy by The Community
OCT 17 - 20 2019

Fictions (for the rise of other worlds)
presented by Umwelt PR
with Antonine Scali-Klima Magazine, Dora Budor/Pierre-Alexandre Mateos, Josefa Ntjam, Alice Carabédian/Clara Pacotte-The Cheapest University/Barbara Sirieix/Silvia Casalino, Marguerite Humeau
Umwelt PR
Saint Denis
JUN 8 2019

curated by Thomas Jeppe and Rebecca Lamarche Vadel
with Bernhard Willhelm, Reece York, Ashley Hans Scheirl, Tatjana Danneberg, Ines Doujak, CheckIt, Kiki Kogelnik, Lukas Gansterer, Amelie Lagrange, Udo Proksch
Charim Gallery
SEP 13 - OCT 13 2018

Umwelt Monde
Group show with The Community (Paris); Guimarães (Vienna); TG (Nottingham); Unsere Umwelt (Basel); Sydney (Sydney); and Mercy Pictures (Auckland).
Paris France
OCT 13 - 20 2018

Umwelt Mode
Group show with The Community (Paris); Mavra (Berlin); TG (Nottingham); and Unsere Umwelt (Basel).
Clarastrasse 12
Basel Switzerland
JUN 13 - 18 2017

Umwelt Inversion
Group show with Marina Pinsky, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Anna Franceschini, Martine Syms, Richard Frater, James Vinciguerra, curated by Thomas Jeppe.
Hamburg Germany
SEP 9 - OCT 15 2016

Unsere Umwelt
Underground Gallery running parallel to
Basel Switzerland
JUN 7 - JUN 19 2016