Mimetic Club Bulletin #13:
Youth / Voice / Club

Texts grafted from Gilles Châtelet's "To Live and Think Like Pigs: Envy and Boredom in Market-Economy Democracies" (Vivre et penser comme des porcs: De l'incitation à l'envie et à l'ennui dans les démocraties-marchés); Manuel Garcia's autobiographical anecdotes on the discovery of the laryngoscope; IRCAM's conference papers on the development of their virtual castrati vocal emulator software; and a social history of La Palace nightclub. Illustrated with graphs tracking the behavioural characteristics of the castrato singing voice.

Printed enlarged behind glass as part of the installation for the 2017 Prix Ricard exhibition, and made available in both English and French translation at the reception desk.

English and French versions presented below.