Morteza Hannaneh

Vinyl record and publication
Designed by Thomas Jeppe and Manuel Buerger
Published by Collapsing Market

Morteza Hannaneh, Iranian composer and co-founder of the Teheran Symphony Orchestra, recorded Tchashm-e-Del as a radio play in the 1960s. Selections from this recording can be heard online here.

Re-released in 2017 by Paris label Collapsing Market, the cover design features photographs of Ashura street theatre taken by Buerger and Jeppe in villages outside Esfahan, Iran, in 2014. The record is accompanied by a 16 page publication with further images from the series.

The record and publication launch, held in July 2017 at DOC Studios Paris, included a slideshow screening of Buerger and Jeppe's entire Ashura series, with DJ sets from Lowjack, Sidney and Collapsing Market.

For further relevant material, see also: Compass Trouble Again, at Sazmanab Centre for Contemporary Art, Teheran, 2015.

Morteza Hannaneh Tchashm-e-DelMorteza Hannaneh Tchashm-e-Del             Tchashm-e-Del Tchashm-e-Del reference publication                                         Slideshow screening at DOC ParisSlideshow screening at DOC Paris