Theory of the Bench
Thomas Jeppe and Manuel Buerger
Designed by Manuel Buerger
Published by Naives and Visionaries

Book published by on the occasion of the exhibition Lost in Connotation at Conradi Hamburg.

Book includes:
- Theory of the Bench - text co-written by Thomas Jeppe and Manuel Buerger, reconfiguring Guy Debord's dérive theory to reflect on the psychogeography of sitting in one place for a long time

- Reference Images - actual photographs of people sitting on the bench (contributed by Dani, Ronald etc)

- Benchmasters in Dialogue - roundtable discussion between 6 (six) bench regulars, concerning spectacle, chance, boredom, repetition, guilt, drugs, comfort and the building of community, presented anonymously

Further/alternative documentation courtesy of Manuel Buerger here

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